Balloon Corral 6'

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The perfect solution for corralling your balloons!

• 6ft x 6ft x 18 inches deep Balloon Corral w/ White Fabric Mesh Sides and Top
• Ceiling Grid Hooks w/ 6ft Spooled Line
• Installation Tool
• Instructions

The 6ft x 6ft x 18 inches deep, circular Balloon Corral is the perfect solution for corralling your helium-inflated foil or latex balloons! Use the Balloon Corral over your balloon filling station as an easy “catch” net when inflating balloons or as an in-store display customers can pull balloons from in high-traffic areas, like the registers or card aisles. Balloon Corrals are also a great tool for balloon decorators to utilize at their workshop or at home while inflating bouquets.

The Balloon Corral easily connects to the ceiling with included hooks and line.

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